Tree Contractors in Anaheim Help Customers Deal With Shot-Hole Borers

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Tree Removal

Urban forestry is an appreciated feature on residential, commercial and institutional landscaping as well as in parks. Tree contractors in Anaheim care for these beautiful plants with services for pruning and trimming. They also remove trees as needed and grind down the stumps.

Stressed Trees

Millions of Southern California’s trees are at risk of not surviving ongoing drought conditions and new insect invasions. Drought weakens a tree’s ability to fight off disease carried by pests. A representative of the U.S. Forest Service has said that a certain species of beetle could kill almost 40 percent of the trees in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Shot-Hole Borers

The shot-hole borer does not spread disease but instead feeds on the tissue inside a tree known as phloem. This tissue is responsible for transporting nutrients from leaves to the roots. Since the beetles dig into the bark and crawl inside the tree, they are not easily reached with pesticide sprays.

Shot-hole borer beetles are especially attracted to stressed trees, so it’s imperative to keep trees strong and healthy to prevent invasions. Tree contractors in Anaheim provide advice to customers on how best to water trees and safely provide nutrients to the root system.

Treatment Strategies

If tree service workers find evidence of shot-hole borer invasion, they may be able to save the tree by cutting off the limb where the beetle has entered. Another possibility is to use a targeted pesticide approach to the points of invasion.

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