Top Three Reliable Tractor Brands Farmers Can Repair Themselves

Top Three Reliable Tractor Brands Farmers Can Repair Themselves

A tractor is a necessary piece of equipment for any farm and one of the most expensive investments most small farmers make. Buying used saves money up front, but the cost of repairs can be insurmountable. However, doing your own tractor maintenance and repairs is much more affordable, and some tractors are easier to repair than others. Here are three reliable tractor brands that are relatively easy to repair yourself.

John Deere

As one of the most popular tractor brands, John Deere tractors have a myriad of resources available for repairs. You can easily find repair manuals in bookstores and online. Both factory original and third-party parts are abundant, so you can find replacements parts to suit any budget.

Massey Ferguson

Created with a merger between the Massey-Harris and Ferguson companies in 1952, this trusted tractor brand has been around long enough to provide farmers with a wide variety of used models, repair manuals and new and used parts. You can often find quality Massey Ferguson tractor parts at scrap yards, and new parts are available both from the factory and third-party manufacturers.

Ford Motors

Ford may not be known for tractors, but their signature blue machines are built Ford tough. While parts for Ford tractors may be more difficult to source than Massey Ferguson tractor parts, farmers should have no problem finding what they need. What’s even better is that these reliable tractors rarely need repairs in the first place.

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