Top Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Kitchen Countertops

Top Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Kitchen Countertops

There comes a time when putting off kitchen renovations and upgrades is no longer an option. For many homeowners in Plymouth, MN, the tipping point in making the decision to remodel the kitchen is a decision to move in the near future.

While it makes sense to upgrade kitchen countertops, flooring, cabinets, and fixtures to prepare a house for a future sale, it is really a good option at any time to be able to fully enjoy the space. It is particularly important to replace old countertops at the common signs of wear and tear.

Surface Damage

Scratches, chips, cracks, and damaged areas of the surface of kitchen countertops not only look bad, but they can be a potential source of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mold. These small blemishes in the surface allow food and bacteria to get into the countertop surface, potentially leading to cross-contamination when preparing food.

Lifting or Buckling

Different types of countertops in older homes throughout Plymouth, MN, may begin to lift, twist, or buckle over time. Laminate, ceramic tile, or even wood glued to the surface can lift if water gets between the wood and the surface of the cabinet.

Outdated Colors

The trends in kitchen colors and décor styles change over time. Old, outdated counters and cabinets can be replaced to give a kitchen a fresh, new look. Adding a natural stone countertop that strikes a balance with cabinets, flooring, and appliances makes even an old kitchen look modern and sophisticated.

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