Tips on Putting Together a Color Swatch Maker

Tips on Putting Together a Color Swatch Maker

It’s challenging to work with color. There’s no denying that, but do you know what’s even more challenging than that? Let us tell you; it’s combining several hues into one.

Consider the most recent occasion you put together a color swatch maker from the ground up. How did you go about doing it? How did it look? If you responded with an obvious shrug, then you should continue reading.

Start With a Single Color

This is where everything begins, so choose a color you are sure you want to utilize. Check that the color you choose is not excessively dark or saturated. We will need some room for maneuvering later on in the process.

Go With the Curve

If we put together a premier color swatch maker, then our solitary tone will have to find some companions. We need to deal with hues and tints, but it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Try traveling over an arc rather than merely in parallel directions, which is the traditional method of movement. Imagine a line that begins at the top left of the color picker and travels down to the bottom right, passing straight through the color that you have selected.

Moving in an arc gives your tones more variety, which makes your color combinations richer and more enjoyable. That’s great, but what if you don’t want a single color?

Add More Hues

We need more color to add to our swatch cards to get out of this black-and-white prison. We’ll move along an arc to do the same tint and shade exercise, but this time we’ll change the color as we go. The color wheel, which shows the whole spectrum of colors, is 360°, so we’d just go back to the top of the hue column and change it to pink, then violet, then blue.

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