Tips on Finding the Best Middle School in Surprise, AZ for Your Pre-Teen

Tips on Finding the Best Middle School in Surprise, AZ for Your Pre-Teen

Middle school is a huge deal! It’s one of the most important transitory times in a young child’s life. Therefore, it’s imperative they go to a great school. If you’re still on the fence trying to decide the best school for your pre-teen, keep reading.

Consider Your Child’s Needs and Your Family’s Needs

Think about your child’s needs. Does your child need a structured environment? Do they need individual attention or need to be in an environment that fosters creativity?

What is Your Child’s Learning Style?

Your future middle-schooler learns differently than other pre-teens. Therefore, consider this as a huge factor when selecting the best school for your child. Are they more visual learners? Does the middle school align with this?


Also, consider the location! Would you want your child to walk to middle school? If so, pick a middle school in Surprise, AZ that’s within walking distance of your home.

Gather Lots of Information on Each Option

Now’s your chance to do lots of research! Every school is different, so write down details to narrow down your selection.

Finally, Consider Academic Performance

One of the final things you should consider is academic performance. Ask to see what the test scores are like. In the past few years, have they gone up or down? How many students leave the school before completing the last grade they were enrolled in?

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