Three Tips for Getting Estimates from Residential Roofing Contractors in McHenry IL

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Roofing Contractor

When you need to replace the roof of your house, you should call several contractors to request estimates on the job. Replacing a roof is an expensive project so you will want to find a company that can do a good job without cleaning out your savings. Here are three tips for getting estimates to replace a roof.

Contact Local Contractors

Contact a variety of residential roofing contractors in McHenry IL about replacing the roof on your home. Local contractors are best because they will know what type of roofing to use for the weather conditions. Ask them to come out to inspect the roof so that they can provide an accurate estimate.

Know What to Expect

Along with the size of the roof and its pitch, estimates from residential roofing contractors will also be based on:

  • Number of roofing layers removed.
  • Damaged or missing decking.
  • Water damage.

Before having the roof inspected, visit a roofing supplier to find out how much materials will cost for your home by estimating the number of layers that will be replaced, the size of your roof, and the quality of roofing.

Carefully Compare Estimates

Ask at least three contractors to submit itemized written estimates for replacing your roof after they’ve inspected it. When you receive the estimates, carefully compare them by examining the cost for materials, labor costs, and the warranty on the roofing and on their work. To get more information about getting your roof inspected, visit website

After comparing the estimates from residential roofing contractors, select the one providing the best value. The least expensive estimate will not always be the best choice; the contractor who has a longer warranty, uses good-quality materials, and offers reasonable labor costs should be awarded the job. By following these tips, you should be able to find a great contractor to replace the roof.

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