Three Things You Should Do When You File Bankruptcy in Valdosta GA

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

If you are ready to file bankruptcy in Valdosta GA, there are three things that you should know about the process to ensure that your case is successful. Even with the representation of a good attorney that specializes in bankruptcy you still have responsibility in the matter.

Do These Three Things

Making sure your case is successful must be a priority. Your attorney can handle all the legal requirements when you file bankruptcy in Valdosta GA, but you must be an active participant in the process to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and you find the debt relief that you need:

  1. Be honest, answer your attorney’s questions honestly
  2. Supply any requested documentation
  3. Attend all hearings, meetings and credit counseling sessions

Even the best attorney can only work with the information that you provide them. You must be honest with your attorney, be sure to list every creditor and if your attorney asks a question to be sure to give an honest response. Honesty is one of the best ways to help your case.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

You will need your tax filings for the last few years, be sure that you have them on hand or that you order a transcript from the IRS. Other documentation may be required like paystubs, bank statements and other pertinent information. If your attorney asks for it make sure you provide it. It is essential to your case that your attorney has the documents that they need.

Be Proactive

You will be required to take credit counseling classes and attend hearings, it is very difficult to get your attendance waived at meetings and hearings. Unless you are hospitalized or have faced a tragic loss, your attorney may not be able to get your creditor meeting or hearing rescheduled! Not showing up can mean the dismissal of your bankruptcy action. Show up when you are supposed to, be honest and give your attorney the information that he/she needs to represent you and your case will move along smoothly.

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