Three Technologies to Achieve Green Air Conditioning in Jacksonville, FL

Three Technologies to Achieve Green Air Conditioning in Jacksonville, FL

Like most people, you probably take your air conditioning system for granted. When is the last time you thought about its performance or its effect on the environment? It’s ok if it’s been a while because you’re not alone. If you are considering upgrading your HVAC, look into green air conditioning in Jacksonville, FL. Several technologies will reduce your carbon footprint, like the following.


A geothermal system uses a heat pump to utilize the energy in geothermal wells a few feet below the ground on your property. To warm the air, the heat pump extracts the warm air in the well and transfers it to the home. The process for cooling the home is the same but in reverse.


Some people shy away from solar energy because they don’t want the panels on their roofs. These panels harness the Sun’s UV rays to create electricity and they don’t stick out as much as you might think. The initial cost of installing solar panels will be more than outweighed over time with the money you save on utility bills.


It used to be that biodiesel was only associated with vehicles. The technology is now used in homes as well. The primary benefit of biodiesel is that it releases less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than traditional energy methods.

If you are interested in finding out how green air conditioning in Jacksonville, FL, can improve the comfort and costs in your home, contact the HVAC professionals at Jenkins Heating & Air. They will help you find the perfect solution that fits your property.

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