Three Reasons Your Highland Park Garage Door Needs Immediate Repairs

Three Reasons Your Highland Park Garage Door Needs Immediate Repairs

There are many garage door problems that you can avoid with routine maintenance. Knowing the signs that your door needs service can help you address the problems before you need repairs. If the problem worsens or simple fixes don’t seem to work, you’ll need to call a company that provides garage door repair in Highland Park, IL.

Loud Noises During Operation

After you have been using your garage door for several weeks, you should already be familiar with the sounds it makes during operation. These sounds should be relatively quiet, such as the hum of the motor. If you hear loud or clunky noises, there’s a problem with the door. Check the tracks for debris and lubricate the springs. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, call a garage door expert to conduct repairs.

The Door Won’t Fully Close

You might also run into problems with the garage door stopping before it’s flush with the driveway’s surface. If the door stops lowering too soon, turn the unit off and clean the sensors. Usually, this will correct the problem. If you turn the unit back on and it still won’t fully close, you might need to have a technician test and adjust the sensor.

The Panels Sag When the Door is Closed

After years of use, you might notice that your door’s panels have started to sag. To address this problem, garage door repair in Highland Park, IL, will involve replacing the tension rods. If you have an older door that consistently requires repairs, it might make more sense to invest in a new door.

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