Three Great Tips to Save Money On Car Repairs Near Surprise, AZ

Three Great Tips to Save Money On Car Repairs Near Surprise, AZ

If you’ve had your car long enough, care repairs and maintenance are unavoidable. Even the best made vehicle that is properly taken care of needs a repair at some point. The last thing you want is for unforeseen costly car repairs near Surprise, AZ, to drain your bank account and leave you high and dry! The following are three things you can do to save money on car repairs in the future.


While most vehicles come with a standard warranty, most of the time that will only get you so far. Warranties are typically there to cover parts that have failed due to no fault of the owner. Other parts are not warrantied like the brakes, tires, and other parts that see regular wear and tear. As a best practice, you should always look to a auto repair shop that warranties their repairs for at least 12,000 miles. Should that major or minor repair come up, at least you know you’ll be covered for a period of time in the future.

Regular Maintenance

Don’t get lazy and forget to get oil changes or top off your fluids. This may seem like a minor thing at the time, but it could have costly consequences down the road. Skipping a cheap oil change could lead to a complete engine replacement in the future. It’s also a good idea to replace your brakes regularly and have your car aligned.

Don’t Use the Dealership

If your car is no longer under the factory warranty, avoid taking it to the dealership repair shop. They are known to charge more than independent mechanics. Let’s be honest. They’re known for their long waits too.

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