Three Fireplace Mantel Style Options for Your Salt Lake City UT Home

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Fireplace Store

Getting a new fireplace mantel to go over your fireplace can enhance your home’s interior. You can have a mantel custom-made to your liking and choose a style that fits best within your décor scheme. Any of these fireplace mantels Salt Lake City UT designers have to offer could work well in your home.


If you live in a rustic-style home or own a cabin that needs a fireplace mantel, a woodsy style can be an excellent choice. You can have your mantel designed with an uneven surface and left in its natural wood color for an even more authentic feel.


You can have a custom fireplace mantel designed that’s fit for royalty when you choose this style. This type of mantel features elegant details that are carefully crafted into the frame to give the mantel a refined look. White is a popular color choice for this option because of its clean and sophisticated appearance.


If contemporary appeal suits your taste, a modern fireplace mantel that comes in a glimmering shade of white or silver can give the entire room an updated feel. You can even add a marble shelf below the mantel to create a chicer ambience. Many modern mantels are designed with straight, precise edges, but you can also opt for something more intricate if you want a mantel that’s truly unique.

Choosing the right fireplace mantel style can greatly improve the look of your living space. If you’re looking for a business that offers top-quality fireplace mantels Salt Lake City UT residents have come to appreciate, you can check out the options and services that Stone Mountain Castings & Design offers.

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