Three Considerations When Choosing an HVAC Unit for your Business

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

Installing commercial ACs is not an easy thing. You need to do two things – find AC units to trust, and professionals to install them! When it comes to commercial AC installation, you shouldn’t just look for a promising HVAC professional, but one who is reliable, both before and after installation. Once you find an installer, it is time to find your AC units.

Here are three things to consider when picking commercial ACs.

Initial Cost

An AC system is an investment. Installing a commercial AC system could cost a lot, especially if you are into quality AC brands. Remember that the upfront cost of your AC will determine a lot of things about the unit. You can get a cheaper AC system but don’t expect a longer shelf life. Cheaper brands of ACs are also less energy-efficient.

Lastly, cheaper AC brands might give you problems if they constantly break down, requiring you to call for technicians regularly.

Energy Efficient

When choosing a commercial AC for your business, you only have to pay for the unit’s price once. Then, you will have to pay for monthly energy consumption. For AC units, always check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). These two ratings will tell you how much energy your AC units are consuming in a day.


What features of AC units are important for your business? Do you need to be able to remotely control your units? Are there outside factors that you need to consider, such as high humidity or the presence of allergens outside your business area? Does your AC unit come with a dehumidifier or air cleaner feature, or do you need to purchase a separate unit for it?

If you are not sure how to check an AC unit for these features, ask your commercial AC installation professional. Your HVAC installer can also give you advice about the right commercial AC units to have. For trusted and reliable AC installation, check the services offered by First Choice Heating and Cooling.

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