Theft Individuals Should Contact Theft Defense Attorney Carpinteria, CA

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Law Services

Theft crimes are considered offenses of moral turpitude. This means that the individual gets involved in fraudulent activities that show a lack of acceptable morals. Offenses of moral immorality may have serious consequences and negatively affect an individual’s immigration status, employment prospects, and educational opportunities.

Individuals convicted of theft offenses are likely to face additional consequences, which include probation, fines, jail time, civil penalties, and embarrassment. Most of the common theft cases include burglary, robbery, receiving stolen items, automobile burglary, shoplifting (petty theft), illegal use of an unauthorized vehicle, and grand theft.

Theft Defense Attorney Carpinteria, CA, exists to defend individuals who have been charged with theft violations. Theft attorneys are experienced in this field and weigh in all resources and skills to assist individuals charged to avoid serious punishments and penalties.

Explanation of The Available Theft Charges

Theft by Receiving

This is an event when an individual receives, disposes, or retains stolen property.

Internet or ID theft

This is the unlawful impersonation of another individual to gain favor i.e., money.


This is the theft or misappropriation of funds that are in an individual’s trust i.e., a public office.


This is the unlawful picking or taking of property from a supermarket or store pretending to be a client.

Theft through the use of force to obtain money or property can lead to a long term jail time. Theft charges can be challenging to deal with for first time offenders. Hiring a professional theft attorney can assist reduce gruesome charges.

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