The Services Offered By Bankruptcy Lawyers

The Services Offered By Bankruptcy Lawyers

Nobody enters independent living thinking they will one day need the services of a bankruptcy lawyer, but nearly everyone suffers at one time or another from serious financial situations that may be reasonably resolved with the help of a Bankruptcy lawyers in Valdosta. The bankruptcy lawyer understands the many situations that put a person in a financial bind with no apparent source of relief. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can offer that same person a way to resolve their financial difficulties while also providing a sense of satisfaction for the creditor. Through a variety of services, the bankruptcy lawyer can ease your financial burden and put you back on a course to financial security.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy refers to a form of bankruptcy sometimes called “straight bankruptcy.” When Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is filed through a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Valdosta all payments are cleared. This means that you will no longer be responsible to make any of the previously accumulated debts. The bankruptcy lawyer will work with you to determine your eligibility and to complete the necessary paperwork to apply for this type of bankruptcy. Eventually the case will be taken to court for approval. The entire process takes a few months and the costs for hiring the lawyer are less than for other services.

The bankruptcy lawyer may also work with you to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This bankruptcy plan allows you to adjust the payments you are making with the help of the bankruptcy lawyer who acts as a trustee, receiving monthly a set amount of money and then making payments to the creditors for a specified amount of time. This process usually allows the debtor to make smaller payments, to be forgiven for part of the debt and to avoid the necessity of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Valdosta might also be able to help you avoid filing bankruptcy at all. With the experienced help and influence of a bankruptcy lawyer, you may be able to work out new payment arrangements with all of the creditors to whom you owe money. This negotiation may be easier with the help of a lawyer and might be the step you need to avoid things like extra collection fees, wage garnishment and the never-ending harassment that ensues when your debts begin to go unpaid.

When you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of not making ends meet, it is a relief to know that there are professionals with the experience and understanding that can make the bankruptcy process easier. No matter what the circumstances were that put you in financial trouble, the helpful services of a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Valdosta can help to turn things around.

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