The Right Jewelry Repair Shop in Charleston SC

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Marketing 4 All Articles

Jewelry can be a great connection between generations. Value can come not only from the metal or gems that make up the jewelry but also from the history of the family that owns a piece. As jewelry is worn over time, it can become damaged. Instead of replacing a damaged piece sometimes this jewelry may be repaired.

Finding a Jewelry Repair Shop in Charleston SC that has experience working with pieces that recent or vintage is important for a few reasons. Vintage jewelry was made with different blends of metals than modern jewelry, and this must be considered when repairs are made to ensure they are done well. The appearance of older jewelry should not be changed by repairs that diminish the appearance or the value of a piece.

Jewelry should be handled carefully when repairs are needed. The gems in older jewelry also can have varying cuts; for example, some older gems may be mine cut. This kind of gem cut can have a much distinct appearance from many modern gems. Being able to replace stones that are missing from a setting needs to be done with consideration to accurately match stones that come from different sources. Most older jewelry is made so that marks from tooling or molding are much more visible compared to modern jewelry.

In situations where a piece is severely damaged, it is sometimes possible to recreate the piece. There are also times when several photographs of a piece are available when it can be possible to recreate a piece of lost jewelry. A jeweler who has experience doing repairs can provide the quality repair a customer will be pleased with.

When seeking a piece of jewelry to match another that has been in a family, it’s a good idea to work with a jeweler who can offer options. An advantage would be a jeweler that can offer a range of pieces to complement an existing piece. The ability for a jeweler to offer custom design of a piece that can become part of the jewelry that is passed down through a family is also desirable.

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