A Star Wars Coffee Travel Mug Is A Great Gift For Kids Heading Off To College

A Star Wars Coffee Travel Mug Is A Great Gift For Kids Heading Off To College

It can be difficult to find fun gifts for college-aged kids, but a Star Wars coffee travel mug is an exception to the rule. These mugs are great conversation starters and the perfect gift for college-age kids or anyone in the family.

Not all Star Wars coffee travel mug options are the same, and shopping at a retailer with a top selection of images, graphics, and mug styles is always the best option. Mugs, unlike tumblers, are designed with a handle. These make them perfect for use in a vehicle, in the subway, on a bus, or when walking around campus.

Insulated Mugs

A significant challenge in finding quality travel mugs is the insulation factor. Standard types of travel mugs provide limited, if any insulation, especially if they are made from plastic.

Choosing a BPA-free plastic is critical for safety. Look for the BPA-free symbol and information on the website. In addition, choose a double wall design in a Star Wars coffee travel mug for optimal heat retention.

The double wall design has a layer of air between the inside of the mug and the exterior wall. This air is a natural insulator, helping to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. At the same time, the design also reduces condensation problems on the exterior of the mug.

The Design

Authentic Star Wars™ branded mugs offer a top selection of classic and unique designs. The artwork, fonts, and graphics are perfect for fans of the movies and include the favorite heroes and villains from C3PO to Darth Vader.

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