The Multiple Benefits of Topsoil Mixes in Lakewood and the Puget Sound Area

Topsoil is one of the mainstays of successful landscaping and gardening. Not only is it beneficial for planting, but it’s also useful for lawn repair, altering the slope of a yard or leveling open spaces. And one of its more important roles is the improvement of a property’s soil drainage.

Types of Topsoil

Garden-grade, lawn-grade and commercial-grade topsoil mixes offer a variety of benefits and include a range of consistencies. Topsoil consisting primarily of clay and decayed plants and other organic material is well suited for erosion prevention. Topsoil with a mix of silt, sand and clay carries nutrients and moisture and helps enhance soil fertility. Topsoil in Lakewood, WA, containing a high amount of sand is a frequent inclusion in agriculture and commercial projects.

Benefits of Topsoil

Plants need soil that’s highly porous and retains water. A layer of topsoil dense in nutrients and microorganisms contributes to high-quality soil and provides plants with the environment they need to thrive. In addition, high-quality topsoil in Lakewood, WA, allows plants to establish strong roots that gather nutrients, and the ability of topsoil to prevent erosion guards against damage to ecosystems and properties.

Choosing a Topsoil

Knowing which type of topsoil mix to use is largely up to the needs of the project and the character of the local terrain. Consulting with a professional provider is a good way to understand what the existing soil may lack. Ultimately, appropriate topsoil in Lakewood, WA, needs to contain the right mixture of materials that holds moisture, prevents drainage issues and provides plants with the nutrients they need.

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