The Key Reasons to Hire an Experienced Veterans Disability Lawyer Today

The Key Reasons to Hire an Experienced Veterans Disability Lawyer Today

Applying for benefits through the VA system is entirely different than pursuing them through civilian courts. The process and criteria for being approved can be more strenuous and complex. The military court uses different protocol for judging whether or not you are truly not capable of returning to work.

Because of how different the process is, it is important that you do not attempt to navigate it by yourself. Instead, it can be vital that you retain an experienced Aurora veterans disability lawyer to represent you today.

Proving Your Disability

One of the main tasks that your lawyer will take on for you involves proving that you are genuinely disabled. The military court will need to see fact-based evidence substantiating your illness or injury. Your attorney can present everything from medical records to prescription drug receipts and written statements from your medical team.

He or she can also have you give verbal testimony about your health condition or present your limitations to the court. You could win your case on your own testimony and visual evidence alone.

Filing Appeals

Your lawyer can also file an appeal if you are turned down on your first case. The appeals process can continue until the court awards you the benefits to which you are entitled as a disabled veteran or military member.

You can learn more about hiring an Aurora veterans disability lawyer online. Contact Harold W. Conick & Associates, Ltd.

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