The Importance of A Medical Coding Company

The Importance of A Medical Coding Company

Let’s face it: a highly ranked, versatile medical coding company is at the core of every substantial Health Information Management system. Having accurate coding function separates you from being a generic provider of medical services. Founded in 2005 GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, utilizes a staff of over 6,000 skilled professionals to offer the highest quality and most highly ranked bespoke medical coding that industry has seen. As one of the top fifteen largest revenue-cycle management firms ranked by Modern Healthcare magazine and having been in the industry for decades, we have created many customized HIM solutions to meet clients exact needs. In short, we can code anything to any specifications needed.

We understand that there are a variety of medical coding solutions to choose from. Many organizations claim to provide on the surface while lacking bonafide accolades and falling short upon delivery. At the same time, for the Eleventh consecutive year and counting, we have been recognized by Inc. Magazine as being the fastest growing company in medical coding solutions for HIM and RCM. Utilizing the very best in class proprietary code auditing software, we are ready to deploy our iCode Assurance technology to ensure a flawless coding and compliance experience from start to finish. Additionally, ranked in the IAOP Top 100 Global Outsourcing List for 2018, we know how to deliver and has been once again recognized for these premium abilities.

As a medical coding company, we provide a suite of services which include HIM solutions like medical coding, code validation audits, CDI, ICD-10 evaluations, staffing, and education, Revenue Cycle Management services like Extended business office, denial management, accounts receivable, and credit balance resolution, Patient Contact Solutions like scheduling, eligibility verification, pre-authorization, patient call center and self-pay collections and Payer solutions including a rightshore Payer BPO model for population health, clinical review, revenue management, and risk adjustment. For the very best in a HIM / RCM medical coding company, look no further than GeBBS Healthcare Solutions. Contact us today.

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