The Best Residential Dumpster Service in Charlotte, NC

A residential dumpster service in Charlotte, NC, will alleviate your stress and make your next clean-out project easy. The company will deliver a roll-off dumpster to your residence. A professional driver will ask you if the drop-off location is the right spot. You may want the dumpster parked close to your home, at the end of your driveway, or a specific angle. The best dumpster service will professionally greet you and ensure it is in the right spot before leaving.

What Can I Throw Away in a Residential Dumpster?

The best residential dumpster service in Charlotte, NC, will detail which items you cannot throw away in a residential dumpster. The list of items you cannot throw away is much shorter than the items you can toss into the bin. Generally, the items you cannot throw away include hazardous materials, refrigerators, tires, and car parts.

Why Are Residential and Contractor Dumpsters Priced Differently?

Generally, a dumpster rental for residential use is much cheaper than a dumpster designed for contractors. The lower price does not reflect the quality of service or what is included in the service. A residential dumpster is cheaper than a contractor dumpster because it does not have to withstand the weight of extremely heavy materials. Contractors will dump wood, vinyl, metal, sheetrock, brick, concrete, and other heavy items. While you may have some extra raw material to throw away, a residential dumpster does not have the same capacity.

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