The Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors to Get Flawless Looks

The Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors to Get Flawless Looks

The best way to get a natural, seamless look with your makeup is to use the proper lighting while applying it. We have all had that horrifying experience when you look in a mirror and realize that your makeup does not look as fresh and flawless there as it did in your bathroom mirror.

That is why choosing a light up makeup mirror with natural light is so important. Here are some guidelines for choosing the best model – and getting the gorgeous looks you are aiming for:

Natural Light

It would be great if we could always do our makeup in front of large windows that bathe us in perfect, natural light. However, most of us do not have that luxury. Wherever you put your makeup on, even the biggest and brightest windows cannot always offer perfect illumination.

Thankfully, today’s best makeup mirrors and mirror additions come with lights that mimic beautiful, natural daylight every day, all day. Even if you put your makeup on during a nighttime storm, you can be sure that it will look flawless with one of these lights.

Face-Framing Style

There are plenty of formats for makeup lighting. You can find mirrors that light you from above, from the sides, or from below. Which one is the best option?

The problem is, where you need light may change from day to day. Are you focusing on tweezing your eyebrows or creating a flawless foundation and contouring blend? You need lights that frame your entire face, so that no matter what you are doing, you can see it in full, living color.

Perfect Style for Every Type of Décor

There are plenty of small, portable options for makeup mirrors, but the best lighting and mirror quality comes from models that are either tabletop sized or are installed on the wall where you will be using them. For that to work for your home or studio, though, you will need a model that is neutral and timeless enough that it will match any décor – and will not be outdated within a year or two.

Choose a model with classic styling and easy integration into the current look of your space. Be sure that even if you update your décor later this year or in five or ten years from now, your mirror will still look great alongside everything you change. A good makeup mirror and lighting system is an investment, and you should not have to make that same investment again and again. Choose a great style that will work long-term, and you will ultimately save money and time later.

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