The Benefits Of Wood Acoustic Tiles

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Home Improvement Services

Many of the newly constructed theaters, cinemas, and event spaces in the world are moving towards the installation of wooden ceilings and walls for a variety of reasons. The chance to install a beautiful ceiling and wall system that not only looks great but limits sound moving between floors and rooms is tough to miss. The main advantages of wood acoustic tiles include:

  • Sound is reflected and absorbed by wood
  • Most can be painted
  • Provides an effective barrier between areas

Reflecting and absorbing sound

The natural properties of wood lend themselves to the use of this material as a form of wall and ceiling covering that is perfect for blocking and reflecting sound. In comparison with foam wall and ceiling panels, the acoustic properties of wood acoustic tiles are well known and are one of the main reasons why this form a wall covering is increasingly popular. Foam panels simply do not provide the same level of sound absorption of reflection when compared to wood. A high-quality wood panel with the correct acoustic properties makes it easy for a designer or property owner to trust their choice of wall covering is the right one.

Getting the right look

Many of those who are looking to enjoy their choice of acoustic wall covering but worry about retaining the overall style of a room. One of the benefits of wood acoustic tiles is the fact they can be painted to match the overall design of any room.

Protection between rooms

One of the most important reasons for choosing wood panels with acoustic properties is that they have the ability to provide an excellent sound barrier between different rooms and floors. By making sure sound cannot travel between different areas within a building the privacy of those living and working in a property can be assured.

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