The Beauty Of Soapstone Countertops For Your Minneapolis Home

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Construction Company

When most people in Minneapolis think of natural stone countertops, they think of marble, granite, and perhaps quartz countertops. While these are all great options and offer several benefits, there is another option that is worth considering.

Soapstone countertops are still relatively unknown in the area, but they are considered an exceptional option for several reasons. As a natural stone, soapstone offers several benefits that marble and granite do not offer.

The Look

There are different colors and patterns of soapstone that are used to create the slabs for countertops. This is a more natural and rustic-looking stone, which is ideal for traditional or contemporary kitchens as well as for bathrooms. The colors are earthy and muted and come with brown, tan, cream, and striated dark colors with lighter patterning. Most soapstone includes blue, black, and gray as the predominant colors.

Soapstone is available in different surface textures that further enhance the look and feel of the stone. There are leathered surfaces or polished surfaces that create more of a matte or shiny look to the stone.


The soapstone countertops are naturally non-porous, which means they do not need to be sealed. Instead, the countertops are oiled with a very light coating of mineral oil to create the rich, deep look of the stone and to bring out the colors.

Heat and stain resistant, soapstone countertops are also resistant to cracking as it is a softer stone. However, these countertops are more prone to scratches, but the scratches are easy to buff out of the surface.

It is always a good idea to see soapstone in a showroom in Minneapolis to determine if it is a good match for your home renovation or construction.

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