Stay Cool with Air Conditioning in Tacoma WA

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Marketing 4 All Articles

Cooling a house or commercial building in warm weather is essential to keeping that building and the people inside in a comfortable environment. Working or living in conditions of extreme heat is not good for anyone. For the majority of homes, a central air conditioning unit is the method by which they choose to cool their home. These units are located outside the home, typically on a concrete slab. The unit should be positioned in a spot where it is out of the way, and also where it will not have interference from trees or bushes. The unit should also be placed in a spot where maintenance workers and technicians can easily access it.

One of the reasons that central air conditioning is the number one choice for cooling homes is the efficiency. Smaller indoor window air conditioners or free standing units will use much more energy to cool an entire home. Another plus with the central air units is the fact that they run much more quietly. This quiet operation is a big deal in months when the unit will be running all throughout the day.

When looking at buying a new unit, there are a few things that should be considered for any of the quality Air Conditioning near Tacoma WA units. The first factor to look at is the size of the unit. Units that are too small will struggle to cool a home on days when it is extremely hot. At the same time, a unit that is too large is going to cost more money than what a homeowner really needs to pay. A second factor to consider with air conditioning is the efficiency of the unit.

All air conditioning in Tacoma WA units are given a SEER rating. In the past the minimum standard for this rating was 10. As of 2006, that rating has increased to 13. This means that even the minimum standard efficiency air conditioners are going to function thirty percent better than older units. The most energy efficient units go up to sixteen SEER or more. These units are the most advanced and offer homeowners a chance to use much less energy to cool their homes.

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