Sexual Wellness, Find STD Testing In Lexington SC

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Urgent Care

Sexually transmitted diseases have become a major concern in our society due to the carefree and relaxed views on sexuality from a younger age. Varying from easily treatable STDs to possibly terminal STDs, knowledge and treatment are very important to your health. If you are looking for STD Testing in Lexington SC, many walk-in clinics offer quick, painless, and discreet STD results. A sexually transmitted disease is either spread via saliva, vaginal/penal secretions, or through blood exchange.

Common symptoms of STDs are burning, itching, or visually seeing open sores on your sexual organs or mouth. If you have any of these symptoms you should be tested immediately. A common myth is that if you’ve had an STD already you cannot get another one. This is not true and people can have multiple STDs at once and throughout a lifetime. A common question is “What type of STD should I be tested for?” You and your physician can decide this by discussing how many partners you have had, lifestyle risks, description of symptoms, any past symptoms, and if you have had an STD in the past. The goal of a medical clinic offering these tests and education is to educate you on the different types of STDs and their symptoms.

What type of STD you may have will be determined by a physical and if extra testing is necessary we will collect a sample of the infected area such as urine, blood, saliva, or skin. These clinics may also offer preventative measures against STDs such as condom (female and male) education. Please contact the facility ahead of time concerning payment questions and financial assistance qualifications. Many locations will accept most major health insurance. Walk-in clinics provide urgent care at up to 75% less of the cost of an emergency room visit. For more information on STD testing in Lexington SC, including locations of clinics and more information related to sexually transmitted diseases and the testing process, visit Veritas Urgent Care – Lexington.

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