Quick Guide for Choosing the Best Ethernet Wiring for Your Home

Quick Guide for Choosing the Best Ethernet Wiring for Your Home

Whether you are building a new home, installing a network, or remodeling, you will need to choose ethernet wiring for the job. Here is a quick guide to help you find the best ethernet cabling for your project.

Shielded vs. Unshielded

Ethernet wiring is categorized as shielded and unshielded. This designation describes the cable resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) that comes from sources of electricity. Shielded wiring has a protective coating on the outside to prevent EMI from disrupting the performance of the cabling.


Bandwidth is one of the measures that indicates how fast your network operates. A bandwidth level explains the maximum amount of data that can travel through ethernet wiring in Edison, NJ, within a specific amount of time. Bandwidth is typically described as megabytes or gigabytes per second.

Speed of Data Transmission

Speed of transmission tells you how quickly data can travel over a specific length of wiring. Most ethernet cabling is graded based on the speed over 100 meters. Bandwidth and transmission speed have some similarities, so you should discuss your data transfer and bandwidth needs with a company that specializes in ethernet wiring for Edison, NJ homes.

Learn More About Residential Ethernet Wiring in Edison, NJ

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