Preventing and Dealing Colonoscopy Abdominal Pain in Jacksonville

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Healthcare

Colonoscopies are essential medical exams that can help doctors determine if you have precancerous cells in your colon or cancer. They can also be used for many other purposes, but some people worry about abdominal pain in Jacksonville afterward or during the procedure. While you should be sedated, it may be conscious sedation, which can still allow you to feel pain and know what is going on around you. Therefore, it’s essential that you learn what you can do to prevent these pains from occurring. You should also know that colonoscopies rarely cause pain, but it can happen.


The doctor you choose should be highly experienced and perform many colonoscopies each day or week. That way, you know that they know what to do and can work in a way that produces less pain during and after. Of course, you may experience some discomfort from gas, but severe pain shouldn’t happen if your doctor knows what to do.


Sometimes, the sedation method used for a colonoscopy can cause pain in the stomach. Patients tend to feel less pain when they are administered propofol compared to IVs. Of course, if you choose no sedation at all, you’re likely to experience even more pain. Regardless, experienced doctors can sometimes perform a colonoscopy in Jacksonville without sedation and pain.

Air Used

The air used to make the colon bigger can also be a cause of pain. Room air can cause more pain than carbon dioxide. You have the right to ask for CO2 to be used during the test. You also have the right to ask any questions before the procedure.


You should also make sure that you have a bowel prep before the procedure. Your doctor should give you detailed instructions on what to do and when so that you are ready. For more information visit Digestive Disease Consultants.

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