As the beginning of the New Year rolls around, and everyone in Auburn WA gets geared up to prepare their income taxes. Capital Tax Services is the name of an accounting firm that individuals might turn to when they need help with filing their income tax paperwork. There are a lot of things you can do on your own to reduce the amount of money the IRS owes you, to break even, or to maximize your refund on your own as well.

One of the easiest tips, if you are employed, is to change the information on W-4. The number of exemptions you claim on this form directly impacts how much money you take home each paycheck and your taxes. If you want to maximize your pay check each month, claim the maximum. This will be that you may owe some taxes to the IRS when you file, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to pay out of pocket. You may break even or still enjoy a refund. If you want to maximize your refund, reduce your W-4 exemptions. You will make less money each paycheck, but you will get money back when you file.

Another good way to maximize your refund is to reduce your taxable income. You can do this by paying into your retirement fund. It is a win, win situation. You are keeping your money and saving it for the future while reducing the amount of money that you have to pay taxes on. Be sure that you are familiar with the deadlines and the limits for contributions so that you can take the most advantage of this helpful tip.

One of the main ways to increase your refund that many people may overlook is to hire a tax accountant that is familiar with the paperwork associated with income tax in Auburn WA to do your taxes for you. This professional is familiar with all of the current tax laws and will work hard and crunch numbers to make sure that they get you the best refund possible. Some people prefer to do taxes themselves to save money, but this could cost you money. Remember that tax preparation fees can be deducted on next year’s taxes. The various software is helpful, but the computer may miss something that a person wouldn’t. These are just a few tips, visit the website to read more about taxes.

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