Preparing A Home For An HVAC Repair In Peachtree City

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Air Conditioning & Heating

While the home heating and cooling system is not working properly, there is some good news. The local service can come out this afternoon and see to the HVAC Repair in Peachtree City. Between now and the time of the appointment, the homeowner can do a few things to get ready. Here are some tips that will help with the process.

Make Sure the Unit is Accessible

Take a moment and check the area immediately around the unit. Is there anything that would make it hard for the repair professional to move easily around it? If the shrubs are a little too close, trim them back. By making the unit more accessible, it will be easier for the HVAC Repair In Peachtree City to be completed with less trouble.

Open the Attic

The professional will likely want to take a look at the wiring and the ductwork in the attic. Anticipating that need, lower the stairs to the attic or make sure the attic door is unlocked. If the attic is a little cluttered, try to move things away from the ducts so the technician can move around with relative ease.

Cover the Carpeting

With many types of repair, the technician will need to be in and out of the house. Use something to cover the carpet and capture any dirt that may be tracked in during the process. Newspapers will work fine, or the homeowner can retrieve the drop cloths used for painting and lay them over the carpeting. Since the repair professional will not have to be concerned about getting the carpet dirty, it will be possible to move in and out of the house a little faster.

Schedule a Playdate for the Kids

Children and pets may be interested in all the activity. While that is fine, it pays to ensure their attention is focused elsewhere. See if the kids can play with the children down the street. If possible, ask if a neighbor could take charge of the family dog for a couple of hours. Doing so will ensure no one accidentally gets in the way of progress.

For help with any type of heating or cooling issue, call the team at Ferguson Heating And Air Conditioning Company today. They can figure out what is wrong, provide a solution, and get things back to normal in no time.

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