Online Cap Table Management and Transfer Agent Services in Salt Lake City

Online Cap Table Management and Transfer Agent Services in Salt Lake City

Capitalization tables are essential tools for weighing decisions in finance. These tables show equity ownership within a company, inform decisions and statistics regarding market capitalization and equity distribution and calculate market value. Cap table management software is a valuable aid in keeping statistics accurate, current and compliant and providing the most up-to-date records possible for investors.

Cap Table Management for Private Companies

Dedicated software synchronizes updates with transfer agents in real-time, keeping a company abreast of stock transactions and issuances and putting stockholders’ needs and priorities at the forefront.

Advanced cap table software will keep track of proxy voting, investor lists and dividends and also issue equity, including preferred and common stock, and such derivatives as RSUs, stock options and more. And companies can produce personalized and downloadable stock-options-related forms, including vesting schedules, and other statistical reports in Word, PDF or Excel formats.

Public Company Cap Table Management

A provider of comprehensive cap table services, SEC-registered as a transfer agent, can consolidate service costs by acting as a management-services provider and a transfer agent. Transfer agent services include initiating and completing IPOs, trading at national stock exchanges and over-the-counter markets, applying for eligibility at the DTC, annual-meeting preparation and Cloudraise and escrow capital raising.

Crowdfunding Services

Cap table software acting as both a transfer agent and a Cloudraise solutions provider also offers a range of crowdfunding options. Not only helping emerging and small companies keep costs down during a launch, crowdfunding–tailored services also provide assistance with Regulation A+, CF and D fundraising.

Services for Employee Plans

Employees-plan-oriented services provide for administrative-efficiency regarding employee stock purchase and stock option plans. As a completely online platform, these services provide benefits for both issuers and stockholders alike. These include online cap-table viewing and employee-plan monitoring and administration for issuers and the provision of separate portals for issuers and employees.

An Industry-Leading Management Platform

A provider of efficient cap table management and transfer agent services in Salt Lake City, Utah, not only updates and manages cap tables for both private and public companies but also offers funding software services, such as Cloudraise. These services also manage cap table tracking entirely online, helping companies stay ahead of investor priorities, raise money and go public while acting as a consultant. Contact EquityTrack at (801)-433-9925 or via the online form at to learn more.

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