Minnesota Company Supplies Quality Nuts and Bolts to Companies

Minnesota Company Supplies Quality Nuts and Bolts to Companies

Companies that require fasteners to make their products can turn to nuts and bolts suppliers in Minnesota. Some of them have an ISO 9001 certification, which means that what they issue to customers meets standards of consistently high quality.


These suppliers have a variety of nuts and bolts, which may be domestic or imported. metric or standard. With regard to types, there are many.

Among them are acorn nuts, cap nuts, castletted hex nuts, and flexloc nuts. Just some of the others include hex nuts, rivet nuts, wing nuts, and weld nuts. Materials for nuts include alloy steel, aluminum, brass, and carbon steel, to name a few.


Regarding bolts, materials they are made of include but are not limited to, nylon, steel, alloy steel, brass, and carbon steel. Bolt types are A 325 structural bolts, Grade 2, Grade 5, and Grade 8 bolts, heavy hex bolts, lag bolts, and more.

Many customers of nuts and bolts suppliers in Minnesota never want to run out of fasteners. That is why some of them rely on Vendor Managed Inventory suppliers who can keep them well-stocked with parts.

VMI Advantages

VMI suppliers may also cut the accounting, inventory, freight, procurement, purchasing, and receiving costs for a business. Enrolling in VMI often includes customized minimum and maximum inventory levels, customized itemized billing, and customized labels on parts bins.

Ideal nuts and bolts suppliers in Minnesota have a variety of quality products and services for sub-contract manufacturers, MRO markets, and OEM customers.

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