Making Your Next Oil Change In Ashland VA Easy

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Automotive

Most car owners can tell you that a regular oil change in Ashland VA is important, but some may dread the drudgery of this task either because they aren’t sure how often to have this done or have had a stressful experience in the past with a poor quality job. Because this routine item of maintenance is so important, doing all you can to ensure that you get it completed when necessary will help you extend the life of your vehicle and reduce the stress that is caused by expensive auto repair. Here are some tips to help you make this process a straightforward one.

First, know how often you need an oil change in Ashland VA. Talking to different people can make your head spin because the answer may vary widely, so just know that there’s no exact time frame. Instead, understand the factors that affect your oil change schedule. In general, getting the oil changed every 3000 miles or so is usually sufficient, but if your vehicle is older or subjected to heavy use, you may find it beneficial to get it changed more often. Conversely, vehicles that are gently used in ideal conditions may be able to make it a little longer. Also keep in mind that as your car ages, oil changes should become increasingly more frequent.

Next, find a good mechanic shop and stick with it. Many companies may be able to handle your oil change in Ashland VA, but that doesn’t mean that you will be pleased with their service. Ask family and friends for suggestions and spend some time shopping around. Once you find a business that gives you a fair price and a job well done, keep going back. This way you can count on consistent results. Plus, some companies may offer certain perks for return customers like a free car wash or a discount on your next visit.

Finally, make sure that you get the filter changed on occasion, too, and that the kind of oil you use remains the same. Because filters can affect how your car is able to use the oil, keeping them in good condition is important. Replacing soiled ones on a regular basis will allow your car to use the oil properly. In addition, know whether or not your car uses synthetic oil or regular oil. Using the same kind for each oil change in Ashland VA can affect your entire engine system, so stay on top of it.

When it’s time for your oil change in Ashland VA, make sure you give your car the best! Find a reputable business for your next oil change in Ashland VA.

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