Knowledgeable Dog Trainers

Knowledgeable Dog Trainers

If you have a puppy or a dog, then you will want your pet to obey you in certain situations. While you may not have time for dog obedience training in Chicago, there are professionals who can perform this task. If you look for a knowledgeable dog trainer, then your pet can learn new skills that will protect an animal and you from dangerous situations. While there are amusing tricks that your dog can learn, including fetching a stick, you should have more of a concern about controlling your pet while you are walking your dog or playing at the park.

Simple Commands

Dog obedience training in Chicago is difficult when you live in a crowded area because you will want your pet to focus on you. By taking your pet to a dog boarding facility, you know that an expert will have a quiet and secluded place to train your dog or puppy. Some puppies are ready for training classes at two months, and the animals will learn simple commands such as stay, down or sit. As a dog ages, your pet will have a longer attention span, making it easier for the animal to learn complex commands.

Protect Your Dog

Teaching your pet proper manners is essential so that you can take your dog to public places without dangerous incidents such as jumping on someone or attacking another dog. A dog with an understanding of commands is also less likely to incur an injury while running away from you into the street. In addition, if you live in an apartment or condominium, you may need to have dog obedience training in Chicago to meet your landlord’s guidelines. To learn more about the services offered at Chicago Canine Academy, contact us at our website at

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