Keeping Indoor Crops From Ripening Too Fast and Avoiding Profit Loss

Keeping Indoor Crops From Ripening Too Fast and Avoiding Profit Loss

Growing anything indoors requires a great deal of skill. It’s not like growing things outside, where multiple weather factors can slow the growing season. Indoors, it is too easy to make the environment too warm, too humid, or too hot. You want to keep steady control on the temperature of an indoor growing space, like a warehouse. Grow room ventilation isn’t enough. You need to add large commercial or industrial fans to your current methods of grow room ventilation. Here’s what the fans offer that your standard means of ventilation cannot.

Preventing Ripening of Crops Too Quickly

The idea of growing produce, flowers, etc., indoors is to grow it at a nice, steady temperature. You don’t want whatever you grow to mature too quickly and be half rotten before it is shipped to market. These giant fans in your grow rooms keep excess heat from negatively impacting your plants.

Slow to Ripen Means More Money in Your Pocket

When you can keep crops from ripening too soon, keep flowers from blooming too soon, and/or just keep any plant from producing before you are ready, that’s more money in your pocket. You sell more because it survives until customers make a store purchase, and you make more because your buyers know you have more quality products as a result of careful ventilation. What you choose to do with your profits is up to you, but expanding and adding more fans to your grow rooms might be a good place to start spending money.

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