How to Get the Best from Applying Spray Liner

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Business

Whether you have a new truck or an old one with no liner, there are a few ways to add a liner. You can either buy a drop-in liner or apply a spray liner which is the cost-effective option in this situation. Without the liner, your truck bed may get damaged from the loads you carry daily. If you choose to DIY your spray liner, here are ways to get the most from the application.

  1. Remove Accessories

Remove anything from the truck bed that should not be sprayed. To fully cover the surface, you can remove the tailgate to reach the liner. Doing this ensures that all surfaces are fully painted without damaging surrounding accessories.

  1. Sand the Surface

When applying spray liner on your own in Shrewsbury, NJ, the bed’s surface must be smooth enough for proper adherence to the liner. A great way to smoothen the surface is by sanding to create a surface texture that secures the liner. If the truck is still new, try making the surface less shiny.

  1. Clear out Debris

After sanding your truck’s surface, you may notice debris and chippings on the bed. Before spraying, painting, or rolling on with a liner, remove debris with a vacuum to trap even the tiniest debris. If the truck bed liner is applied on a bumpy surface, visible bubbles will cause problems.

  1. Follow Instructions

Now that you are on the last step consider the instructions from the spray liner supplier in Shrewsbury, NJ, before applying the liner. For correct application, read more about the quantity, types of spray guns to use, distance from the surface, etc. The application will be simpler, which allows you to save money and time you would have to spend hiring a professional to do it for you.

When protecting your truck bed, there are no limits to what you can do to get a quality fix. Although spray liners are better when applied by a professional, you can learn a few tricks for DIY application. With this mini-guide, you learn a few things that will give you better results.

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