Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Chicago for Child Custody

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Family Law

A family law attorney in Chicago will deal with child custody cases regularly. Child custody is an issue not to be taken lightly, especially if your child is at a tender age. Have you requested that a child custody order be modified but have had no luck? If so, you would benefit from getting in touch with a family law attorney in Chicago. A legal professional will help both parties to make a mutual decision and if there are any risk factors associated with one of the parents, the attorney will encourage a relationship with the responsible parent. Before you hire a family law attorney in Chicago for these services, learn about the basics of custody.

The Two Types of Child Custody

Did you know that there are two types of child custody dealt with by a family law attorney in Chicago? These are legal and physical custody. Legal custody is the term used to describe a parent’s right to decide what the child does with their life. For example, if you have legal custody of your child you can determine where they will be educated, what activities they will get involved in, and whether or not they will follow a specific religion. Physical custody is the term used to describe a parent’s right to care for the child. In most cases, both parents will share this type of custody.

The Child’s Best Interests

Remember that the child is the innocent person in all of this; therefore you need to think about the child’s interests. The court will also think about the feelings of the child and their personal preferences when they make a final decision for child custody, proving the importance of displaying your skills as a parent when meeting with a family law attorney in Chicago. Allegations of abuse will be taken into account at this stage and the court will focus on the relationship between the child and each parent.

Joint Custody Options

If you and your partner are willing to get on with one another for the sake of your young child or children, you may want to meet with a family law attorney in Chicago to discuss joint custody options. Joint custody is the best option if you want your child to live as normal a life as possible because both parents will have an equal amount of involvement in the child’s life. You must be capable of cooperating for this to be considered.

If you are worried about the safety of your child you must contact a family law attorney in Chicago. Children of all ages will find it difficult trying to cope with the separation of their parents, therefore you need to develop a plan to determine how much time the child will spend with each parent. Visit Gordon & Perlut, LLC to get aggressive representation for a child custody case.

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