Help Soothe the Pain in Your Back With These Methods Offered in Lancaster

Injuring your back can occur in a variety of ways including sleeping in the wrong position or lifting something the wrong way. The following are a few treatment ideas to consider.


If you sleep on your back all night or sleep in another position without moving around, then you might find that your back hurts upon waking. Lying on one side tends to take pressure off of your back. You could also put a pillow between your legs so that your spine is better aligned.


One type of back pain treatment in Lancaster to try is a medication that you can get from a doctor or over the counter. A pain reliever is common to take, but you should also try an anti-inflammatory medication to relieve any inflammation in your muscles or joints. Patches or creams that create a warming sensation are also beneficial for back pain. Prescription medications are typically stronger and should be monitored so that you only take them as needed or for the prescribed length of time.


Physical therapy is an option to consider if you’ve had surgery or if you experience significant pain that can’t be treated with medications or other methods. This type of back pain treatment in Lancaster often involves exercises that are performed under the care of a professional as well as some types of cold therapy. Electrical stimulation can also be used on the muscles. In most instances, you will need a referral from your doctor before going to therapy sessions.


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