Great Ways to Maximize Space in Small Self Storage Units in Omaha, NE

Great Ways to Maximize Space in Small Self Storage Units in Omaha, NE

Using self-storage is a smart way to keep items safe and sound during a move, vacation, or remodel. A self-storage unit also comes in handy when trying to declutter a home. Many storage renters don’t need a large amount of space. Other renters may find it easier to manage assets in smaller units. The following tips make it easier to maximize space in small self storage units in Omaha, NE.

Use Vertical Space

A smart way to maximize storage unit space is to use vertical space. Do this by building pyramid stacks. This type of stack has a wider base. Each subsequent tier is smaller until the top of the stack is reached. Place heavier moving devices on the bottom of a pyramid stack. Each row should be centered on the row beneath it. Place lighter items near the top.

Use Corners and Walls

It’s prudent to use corners and walls to support stacks of items. Ensure that a slight gap is kept between a wall and side of a stack. This allows a stack to lean slightly into the wall for support. Corners are ideal places to put square or rectangle tables and shelves. The top of a table or shelf can be used to hold hard-to-pack items.

Use Vacant Space

Implement unoccupied space to store fragile or sensitive items. Vacant drawers and shelves are ideal for storing hard-to-pack items. Also, empty appliances can hold belongings. Ensure that any appliance you use is cleaned beforehand.

Use a Diagram

To keep a small storage unit organized, it’s necessary to make a diagram. The diagram should show the placement of belongings such as furniture, appliances, and electronic items. Designate the position of items you will be using most often. A diagram can also show the position of moving devices. Label the contents of moving devices to correspond with the diagram.

Small self storage units in Omaha NE enable storage unit renters to have storage space for a reasonable price. It also lets renters maximize space so items can be reached easily. To learn about storage units, please click here. The storage specialists at this company strive to offer clean units so customers can keep belongings safe and sound.

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