For Cleanup After a Storm Contact a Tree Company in Fayetteville GA

For Cleanup After a Storm Contact a Tree Company in Fayetteville GA

When a large storm has wreaked havoc on the trees and plants in your yard, it is best that you leave the cleanup process to the professionals. While a homeowner may be able to remove a few branches and twigs, dealing with ladders and chainsaws, without proper training can prove to be very dangerous and even fatal. A lot of homeowners believe that hiring a tree company in Fayetteville GA is a waste of money. They believe that cleaning up their yard is a breeze, and that nothing could possibly go wrong. Well contrary to popular belief, a lot could go wrong which is why it is best to hire the pros.

Electrical Wires

After a huge storm, tall trees located in your yard could have gotten tangled up in some electrical wires. These wires can create serious hazards, and limit the methods for which you can cut down the tree. Cutting power lines would be disastrous for everyone on your block, and could also result in electric shock and injuries. Even experts come into instances in which maneuvering is complex, however, they have the necessary equipment and training to deal with it safely.

Ladder Dangers

A tree that has been severely damaged by a storm is very unpredictable. While it may seem that you can support the ladder on the tree to cut down some limbs, the tree’s roots may have been uprooted, which prevents the tree from being stable. Leaning on a tree for support with a ladder could result in the tree tilting, or the ladder falling which again causes serious physical injuries.

Tree Limb Dangers

Another reason that hiring a tree company is ideal is because of the tree limbs and the dangers they pose after a storm. To the untrained eye, it may seem as if the limbs are small and will come down with a simple chainsaw. Homeowners who underestimate the size and the direction the limb will fall in, end up trapped or seriously injured.

To be on the safe side, and to protect your landscaping, home, and electric wires, it is best to have an expert complete the task. They are specialized in storm cleanup and can make the proper assessments on how the cleanup should take place, as well as the best tools to use. For more information on how to get your yard cleaned up after a storm contact 770-TREE-GUY.

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