Facing An Amicable Divorce? You Still Need Your Own Legal Counsel

Facing An Amicable Divorce? You Still Need Your Own Legal Counsel

While you and your spouse agree the marriage must end and there’s even a plan for dividing what the two of you own, don’t assume that hiring one divorce attorney in Hollywood, FL, is enough. Both parties should secure legal counsel. This is true no matter how amicable things seem to be at the moment. Here are some of the reasons why having your own counsel makes sense.

No Lawyer Can Represent Both Parties

The two of you cannot share a divorce lawyer. No legal counsel can represent both parties in a divorce action. One of you will have to serve as the client. The lawyer is duty-bound to focus on what’s in the best interests of his or her client. In short, there’s not any real obligation for your spouse’s lawyer to help you in any way.

While you may feel that the divorce will go smoothly, it never hurts to have legal counsel that’s committed to protecting you. Even if your legal counsel looks over every detail and finds that it’s reasonable and in line with your wishes, it’s nice to know that someone is looking out for you.

An Amicable Situation Can Change Quickly

It’s possible for a divorce to start out as amicable and then change into something else entirely. If that were to happen, how would you handle the situation without a divorce attorney in Hollywood, FL, to represent you in this new set of circumstances? You can continue to hope that nothing changes and the divorce goes smoothly, but be prepared. All it takes is an offhand comment or some minor bit of information to emerge and all the planning could go right out the window.

Have You Really Covered Everything?

While you and your spouse have come up with what seems like a comprehensive plan for dividing assets, have the two of you really covered everything? If each of you obtains your own legal counsel, each divorce attorney in Hollywood, FL, can help their clients go over the proposed plan and ensure nothing is left to chance. View this as another way to ensure that amicable divorce does go smoothly.

Are you facing the prospect of divorce? Now is the time to secure your own legal counsel. Call us to schedule a consultation. You can also visit the website and provide us with information about your case. Together, we can make sure your rights are protected during this difficult time.

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