Entrusting Your Case to One of the Byron Medical Malpractice Attorneys

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Lawyers & Law Firms

When you go to the doctor for treatment of an illness or injury, you expect your healthcare provider to offer you the most competent and empathetic of care possible. You never anticipate that person purposely or unintentionally hurting you.

However, when you have every reason to suspect mistreatment, you may want to take every course of legal action available to you. You may get the justice and compensation you deserve as a victim when you retain one of the qualified and ready Byron medical malpractice attorneys to take your case.

Gathering Evidence

Your lawyer will get to work right away to gather evidence on which to build a solid case. Your legal team has the capability to subpoena your patient records, review surveillance video and question witnesses to what happened. Your lawyer can determine early if there was legitimate mistreatment or if you misjudged the situation.

Using this evidence, your attorney can then prepare a case to go to court, if necessary. The evidence might compel the doctor you are suing to settle the case out of the courtroom and offer you a settlement. However, if the case must go to court, your lawyer has the legal skills to argue it competently in front of a judge or jury.

You can find out more about hiring one of the Byron medical malpractice attorneys to take your case. Reach out to Fisk & Monteleone Ltd.

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