Designing a Screen Porch for Your Brentwood Home to Enjoy the Outdoors

There’s nothing like sitting outside to enjoy the warm sun or a refreshing breeze. However, there could be days when the weather doesn’t cooperate or you want to avoid the insects that seem to swarm every minute. An option to consider would be Screen Porches in Brentwood TN companies like RSU Contractors can build. Here are a few planning tips to keep in mind during the planning stages.

Door Details

One of the things that you should think about is where the door will be located. If the porch is going to be built away from the home, then you’re going to need a separate entry door. However, if the porch will be built connecting to a room in your home, then you can use a common door for the room and the porch, such as a living room or kitchen door. Sliding doors are common with screened porches as they are easier to open and close when needed.


When you begin looking into screen porches in Brentwood TN companies can build, think about the light that will continue to enter your home if the porch is connected to a room. An option would be to connect the porch to an area of your home that doesn’t see a lot of natural light to begin with and to install overhead lights for the porch so that there’s artificial light for when you want to enjoy time outside. Companies like RSU Contractors can connect the electricity for the lights and other electrical components that you desire.

Contact RSU Contractors for more details about designing your porch.

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