Create A Unique Look With Custom Designed Catering Tables

Create A Unique Look With Custom Designed Catering Tables

Catering and restaurant tables may not be the main focus in any location, but the choice of the ideal table to suit the room and the venue does make a difference. Selecting a practical yet customised table will create a distinctive look for a catering service or for permanent use in a restaurant or pub.

When looking for catering tables, there are several things to keep in mind. First, the issue of durability will need to be considered, followed by shape, size, and cost. Knowing the design the restaurant or event will have is also essential in choosing a table to match the place settings, the choice of linen and the overall theme. Having different sizes and options on hand for both a restaurant and a catering service makes it easy to create the perfect look for any event or occasion.

Durability and Portability

There are a lot of options in materials used in the fabrication of catering tables. Many are made from aluminium frames and legs with a plastic top. While these are practical, the plastic top is not as durable as may be expected and can easily become damaged with use as well as in transit.

A more durable option is the metal or aluminium legs and frame with a metal table top. With a lightweight but strong metal surface, pitting, scratching and chips will be a thing of the past, allowing the tables to last through years of use and transportation.

Size and Shape

Most catering services have a variety of table shapes and sizes to suit the needs of their clients. Smaller square or round tables provide a more intimate setting for smaller gatherings, while large round and rectangular tables are often the perfect options for wedding receptions, corporate events and larger community types of gatherings.

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