Control Ticks in Your Yard

Control Ticks in Your Yard

Enjoy the Outdoors Again with Reliable Tick Control

Ticks are among some of the most elusive pests that can take over any backyard, wooded area, and any place that has high grass or scattered leaves. If you’ve noticed an incline in activity with ticks on your property, then it’s time to call our team to come out and assist you with tick control. Not only do we use a reliable method that will keep the population of ticks low, but our solution also gets rid of the annoying mosquitos that seem to hover in the air throughout late spring and summer.

Keeping the Tick Population Low with Yard Guard

When you call our team of exterminators to come out and treat your property for ticks, you’ll notice the population of ticks and mosquitoes diminish in a matter of days. We use only the most environmentally friendly products so you’ll never have to worry about your pets or children playing in the yard after we’ve been there. If you’re unsure if you have a tick problem, to begin with, then call our tick control team to come out to your property and give you a no-hassle free evaluation before you commit to paying for service.

Tips to Stay Tick Free

Because treating an area for pests is typically not 100% fool-proof, we’ve compiled a few tried and true methods of keeping yourself and your family free of tick bites this year. Try to steer clear of areas with high grass, and invest in clothing that has tick repellent right in the fibers of the material.

To find out more about relieving your property of ticks, Contact Viking Pest Control.

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