Commemorating A Special Pet: What Is Involved In A Pet Cremation In Utah?

Commemorating A Special Pet: What Is Involved In A Pet Cremation In Utah?

When a pet passes, it is often more convenient to opt for a pet cremation in Utah. That is because many city ordinances prohibit pet owners from burying pets in backyards. Therefore, cremation is a logical and affordable choice. Because our society is more mobile as well, selecting cremation permits you to take the cremated remains with you if you happen to move.

A Practical Choice

Today, pet cremation is following the current trend of human cremation, which is expected to increase in the next decade. In fact, projections show that over half of all human deaths will entail cremation in 2025. Therefore, if you wish to commemorate a pet’s life, cremation, as stated, is a practical choice.

How Cremation Works

Cremation itself involves a process that uses an application of intense heat. After a cool-down period, the ashes are retrieved and processed into a granular material. The matter is then placed in a pet urn and returned to the pet owner for final commemoration.

Some pet owners wonder if they need to buy a casket for a pet cremation in Utah. That particular item is not necessary as you can wrap your pet in a special blanket or another article of meaning. You only need to buy the urn for the purposes of memorialization.

Consult with Your Local Funeral Director

If you work with a local funeral director, you will receive quicker service on your pet’s passing. Funeral directors who handle pet cremation in Utah take care of the process immediately. According to Facebook postings, a funeral home can return the cremains within 48 hours.

Typically, standard pet cremation in Utah providers take longer. If the provider is not local, it means that the veterinarian will be forced to hold the pet at his or her facility for as long as seven days. It may take another week, as well, before you can pick up your pet’s urn. Therefore, make sure you have the service handled by a funeral director who takes care of these kinds of services regularly. For more information visit Pet Reflections.

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