Can I Get Overdentures On My Dental Implants?

Dentures are a dental appliance made to fit the upper or lower gums. They fit where teeth are missing altogether or where there are a few healthy teeth left. Dentures Jacksonville Beach works with implants and dentures to restore your smile, aid in speaking and eating normally, and restore saggy parts of the face to their natural shape. There are ways to attach dentures using implants so they don’t slip while speaking, laughing, or eating.

How Are Overdentures Attached?

Dental implants have been used for hundreds of years by the ancients on up to modern times. They are placed in the jawbone to act as anchors for teeth, much like the root of a tooth. This slows bone loss as well as anchoring one or multiple teeth, because over time the bone will recognize that it has something working with it to support the teeth.

The implants will be in the mouth for several months in order to integrate with the bone. Usually two implants are done using the canine area as anchors. Your overdentures will be customized and made to fit your mouth.

Benefits of Overdentures

Most dentures are secured with adhesives. Dental implants provide more stability for dentures. This facilitates better digestion; you will chew with more security, giving you the nutrients you need from your food.

You will be more comfortable, knowing your teeth won’t fly out of your mouth if you laugh or cough.

Overdentures secured by dental implants or remaining healthy teeth stimulate the jawbone to retain its function; it loses bone mass when teeth are missing.

When bone loss happens, the body shrinks. The facial structure will retain its shape with overdentures.

Dentures  Beach will work with you to discover the best outcome for your dental and denture needs. Please call today.

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