Benefits of Vinyl Flooring New Jersey

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Vinyl flooring is offered in printed or inlaid. Inlaid vinyl incorporates different color granules onto the vinyl sheets, to offer a better finish. Printing color inks onto the sheets makes printed vinyl. Besides its affordability and durability, vinyl flooring has many additional benefits. If you are thinking about purchasing vinyl flooring in New Jersey, you should be familiar with the benefits this type of flooring offers you. Here are just some of the many benefits of vinyl flooring.

Variety and Versatility

Vinyl flooring New Jersey comes in many different patterns and colors. You are certain to find vinyl flooring that will accommodate your style. If you don’t see what you like, just describe what you are looking for and most flooring sales associates will help you locate it. Once the surface of your floor has been properly prepared, this type of flooring can be placed over concrete, wood or ceramic tile.

Easy to Install

Vinyl flooring New Jersey is installed by the sheet or as a tile. You will find that many tiles are offered with a self-adhesive, making it easy for anyone to install. It is easy to create a unique floor design by mixing the different tiles together. If you ever crack a tile, it is easy to have it replaced. Applying vinyl floor tiles could save you a great deal of money if you are remodelling a room. Sheets can be cut to specific measurements or they will come on a roll. The way the sheets are installed will vary based on the floor type. When you are buying vinyl flooring in New Jersey, ask the sales associate for exactly what you want and need.

Simple Maintenance Required

You can easily wipe away a spill on any vinyl surface. All that is required to maintain this type of flooring is mopping or sweeping. This makes it easy to cleanup anything that should happen to fall on your vinyl floors.

Surface Coating for Vinyl Flooring New Jersey

To offer you the durability that a vinyl floor is known for, you will notice that the surface has been coated with the following:

  1. Urethane– This coating helps to avoid scuffing up the floors and offers easy cleanup.
  2. Enhanced Urethane– This is often considered the best coating because of how well it holds up in heavily traveled areas.
  3. Vinyl No-Wax– Tiles with this coating are good for low traffic areas.

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