Begin Substance Abuse Treatment Today

Begin Substance Abuse Treatment Today

Substance abuse is a mental health disorder, and people with it can participate in treatment that will facilitate recovery. We help people of all ages who have a substance use disorder. Our therapy includes services for people who have abused substances including prescription drugs, alcohol and street drugs. Our goal is to help the patient move past the addiction, identify triggers and progress toward a healthy life that is free of drugs.

In our substance abuse treatment program, we have individual and group counseling sessions. During the individual sessions, the therapists help a person discover why they turned to drugs or alcohol. The participants also identify their triggers and develop solutions to deal with difficult situations. This process increases the chances of recovery.

During the group therapy sessions, participants learn how to develop positive relationships and move past co-dependency. They also learn how to deal with frustrating situations that might have otherwise triggered them to turn to drugs as a coping mechanism. Participants learn healthy communication skills for fostering a strong social network.

Our substance abuse treatment programs include day options and residential options. The length of the program is up to the individual and their family. Most participants participate for several months. After a residential program, participants may switch to a day program or drop-in sessions with our therapists. Ongoing social support, therapy and counseling helps a person move forward in their life and avoid a relapse of addiction.

At Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc., we offer substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis for adolescents, teenagers and adults. Our confidential services are designed to help a person move past addiction and to help the family cope with the aftermath. You may also visit us online at in order to learn more about our substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis.

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