Asphalt Sealing Services in Atlanta, GA Apply Protective Coatings to Prevent Deterioration

Asphalt Sealing Services in Atlanta, GA Apply Protective Coatings to Prevent Deterioration

Professional pavement contractors provide Asphalt Sealing Services in Atlanta, GA for residential, commercial and institutional properties. Even a residential driveway will need blacktop sealant on occasion. Commercial driveways, roads and parking lots must have this work done more often. If the sealant is not applied as recommended, the surface will quickly deteriorate without this protective coating.

Weather Elements

Oxidation and moisture start to cause damage if the protective sealant is not in place. Ultraviolet light and other aspects of weather gradually cause the binder to dry up, which makes the aggregate material vulnerable to the elements. Freezing and thawing in particular cause vulnerable areas of the pavement to fail, resulting in potholes and cracks. Heavy traffic greatly worsens the problem.

Timing Considerations

Sealant must be applied after the blacktop is first placed, although a certain amount of waiting time must pass first. After that, sealing should be done according to how much wear and tear takes place. Asphalt Sealing Services in Atlanta, GA can rejuvenate the appearance of blacktop, making it look almost like new.

Reasons to Hire Professionals

Hiring professionals to complete this work in a residential setting might cost about twice as much as making it a do-it-yourself project. However, when taking into account the amount of time required for a property owner to do the work and the potential for errors, a large majority of people choose to hire pros.

It can be a messy job in addition to the time factor. As well as rolling the sealcoat and manually applying it next to buildings, a certain amount of prep work is required. The pavement must be swept clear of all debris so the surface is smooth. All the cracks and holes must have been filled before applying sealant.

The Need for an Overlay

Regarding parking lots, pavement overlay usually becomes necessary at some point, since keeping up with damage control is difficult. The same workers who install asphalt and apply sealant, such as those from Blackjack Paving, also can add this thin layer of blacktop to the parking lot.

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