Alcohol Addiction- 3 Signs of Mental Distress in El Paso, Texas

Alcohol Addiction- 3 Signs of Mental Distress in El Paso, Texas

It can be stressful when facing a new situation. Some people ease their nerves by drinking alcohol. The misconception is that alcohol calms your nerves. However, alcohol make changes to your brain and can make your anxiety worse.

If your husband is abusing alcohol, he may be going through psychological issues and need alcohol treatment in El Paso,Texas. Here are three signs your spouse may be in mental distress.

Concealing Depression

There is a connection between depression and alcohol abuse. Some people who suffer from depression are also dealing with alcohol addiction. Alcohol is a depressant, which can cause symptoms of depression when drinking in large amounts.

Some people who are depressed will abuse alcohol to cover up the problem. The person will experience heighten symptoms from both conditions. These symptoms may include lack of energy, extreme weight gain or loss, disinterest in favorite activities, easily irritated, and pronounced lethargy.

Treating Anxiety

It is normal to feel anxiety in new situations. When anxiety makes it hard to live a normal life, it could be a sign of generalized anxiety disorder. Anxiety is one of the reasons why someone abuses alcohol. An addict uses alcohol to cover up feelings of anxiety. You may notice your spouse being fearful without being provoked.

A Traumatic Experience

Some people go through a traumatic experience and never go through psychotherapy. They have a hard time recovering without professional help. Some people will turn to drugs to cope.

It helps to go to a program for alcohol treatment that can help someone with dual diagnoses. Contact El Paso Behavioral Health System at for treatment today.

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